Using Athex, athletes and workout enthusiasts of all levels are able to access a multitude of workouts, pro tips, and analytics. In addition, our powerful proprietary technology will allow us to roll out future features, including an upcoming robust nutrition platform. Furthermore, the built in coaching platform provides a unique opportunity for fitness fans to work in partnership with elite coaches. A competitive social component layers on top to promote friendly encouragement among users.

How Does Athex Work?

The Athex Difference

Athex provides access to an almost infinite number of workouts via three channels.

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Social Networks

  • Workouts are logged and shared with the Athex network
  • Athletes can follow other athletes and access their workouts
  • Athletes can do these workouts, receive scores, and get ranked, resulting in healthy competition
  • A private option allows athletes to avoid sharing workouts publicly while still taking advantage of analytics
  • Coming soon: Push notifications for extra motivation
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Professionally Designed Workout Programs

  • Conditioning Bias by NPGL athlete Sarah Pierce
  • General Physical Preparedness by strength and conditioning coach, Josh Everett
  • Olympic Weightlifting by team USA’s Jessica Lucero
  • Rowing Endurance by US Olympian, Chris Swan
  • Coming soon: Jake Alvarez
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Workout Generator

  • Driven by the Fitness Genome Engine System (patent filing) with the ability to determine the impact of every workout movement supporting multiple vertical applications and fitness types
  • Generates unique workouts in a matter of seconds
  • Generates customized workouts based on accessible equipment, time factors, and targeted muscle groups
  • Coming soon: Suggested workouts based on user goals and analysis of logged workouts

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